Easter Services

Date 28th March 2019  by Administration  

The theme for the Easter Messages is ‘Your Victory’, please join us with your family and friends as Pastor Jono addresses this theme: Good Friday 9am Easter Sunday 9am We would love to see you!  

What’s happening at Redlands Christian Reformed Church.

Date 28th March 2019  by Administration  

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Sunday Services 4th March

Date 01st March 2018  by Administration  

9am service Live and Let Die Live and let die is the title of a 1973 James Bond movie and the theme song of the same name was written by Peter and Linda McCartney. The lyrics depict a change of attitude in life from the fearless outlook ‘let and let live’ of our youthful days

Lord’s Supper this Week

Date 15th February 2018  by Administration  

ON SUNDAY we hope to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in both services. God’s Word calls us to examine ourselves before we eat of the bread and drink of the cup (1 Corinthians 11:28). In the light of that we are called to ask ourselves these questions: Do I believe that my sins are forgiven only

Sunday Services 18th February

Date 15th February 2018  by Administration  

9am service A Set Apart Church When we read the account of Ananias and Sapphira, it can easily leave us confused at God’s extreme response to a lie told by this couple. Why was their death necessary? As we unpack this passage, we are going to learn why God did it and what it means

Sunday Services 11th February

Date 09th February 2018  by Administration  

9am: Life as a Disciple What is a Christian? What are we here for? In Matt 28 Jesus tells us what He wants. We are his disciples who are to go out and make disciples. It’s an idea we may have heard before, but what does it mean and why is it that we struggle

Sunday Services 4th February 2018

Date 31st January 2018  by Administration  

9am Growing Together – Forgive One Another Among the commands to love and encourage one another, we receive a command for when our Christian brothers and sisters fail us in those very things. Our one-another responsibilities in the church do not cease if others break the rules. In Ephesians 4:32 Paul directs sinned-against Christians to

Sunday Services 28th January 2018

Date 25th January 2018  by Administration  

9am service Growing Together- Encourage One Another Ask yourself this question: “Do I really believe that I need encouragement to maintain my faith?” The answer should be yes. In fact, we are commanded ‘encourage one another’. If we want to be growing together we need to be a community that builds each other up. Some

Sunday Services 21st January 2018

Date 18th January 2018  by Administration  

9am Growing – Love One Another Over the next few weeks we will be looking at one of our ‘G’ core values, that of Growing together. We will do this through a series that challenges us to look to one another. The first phrase comes form the lips of Jesus and is the one on

9am Sunday 24th December

Date 22nd December 2017  by Administration  

Everlasting Father It seems a little confusing to read that the child to be born will have the title ‘Everlasting Father’. It’s intriguing. How can Jesus, the Messiah, the second person of the trinity, be called the Everlasting Father? Is it right to call Jesus, Father? It is unlikely Isaiah has the Trinity in mind

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